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Since 2011, when we acquired our first Blue Heeler, we have been breeding. Our goal is to offer Cattle Dogs that are well-mannered, physically fit, and reared in a family setting so that they may actually become a part of your family. We achieve this by raising the puppies using a special method that ensures they are better prepared to handle the sights and noises of daily life. We take great satisfaction in offering Cattle Dogs with exceptional temperaments as both family pets and service dogs.


About our Australian Cattle Dogs

A very active, high-energy dog, Our Australian Cattle Dog needs more than just a quick walk and playtime in the yard. Blue Heeler really need a job in order to remain happy and healthy. On a working farm, this may not be an issue, especially if there are animals to herd. In other living situations, going with his owner on runs every day, or nearly every day, is a good outlet for his energy. An ideal choice is participation in dog sports, where the Australian Cattle Dog and owner take part in canine activities such as obedience or agility that channel the breed's drive and abundant energy in a fun way.

Despite their good natures, Cattle Dogs need early socialization, or being exposed to a variety of sights, noises, and experiences when they are young. In order to guarantee that your Blue Heeler puppy develops into a well-rounded dog, socialization is important.

What we do

We are a family-run kennel that breeds registered, sociable Blue Heeler puppies. With the right care, training, and affection, each puppy from this breed will grow up to be a devoted, loyal member of its family. We AKC-register our Blue Heeler.

Browse our website, enjoy the pictures and read all information. Please Contact us if we can be of further assistance in helping you decide if a Blue Heeler is the right breed for you. There is nothing like the joy of owning a Blue Heeler.